My BEST Crochet Braids || Jamaican Bounce Curl

Circa 2015, I wore crochet braids ALL the time. It was to: 1. Help my hair grow without having to constantly manipulate it daily and 2.It was super easy. Fast forward today and this is the first crochet braids I’ve done this year. With the summer heat, I found myself having to wash my hair every 3 days because of the heat and humidity. I had to do something about it. In comes the crochet braids. This was the first time trying this type of hair. I heard mixed reviews but wanted to give it a try because it so closely match my hair when I did perm rods.

My ultimate assessment: I LOVE the hair. It’s full from day 1. I didn’t like that with some hair I used in the past, it would take a few days or so before it began to get big and I LOVE me some big hair. It has the feel of Marley hair but not as kinky and easily tangled as Marley hair can get. Enough talking, Check out the pics and my YouTube video on the install and cut. Enjoy!

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