Reflection Sundays

Sundays are usually chill for me. Church, Brunch, and chill….in that order.

I’ve recently decided to use Sundays as a way of reflection. Reflect on the highs of the week and the goals or ‘to do’ lists for next week. I figured blogging about them would make me more accountable to actually complete these goals.

Soooo…. I few highs from last week….

* I FINALLY got around to going to LUSH. They opened up a Birmingham location earlier this month but it’s on the other side of town and with traffic, it just hasn’t been worth the trouble. BUT, I went. I got the cup of coffee (mask miracle in a bottle) and body cream. Currently doing my weekly mask as I’m typing this. I love coffee and I love facial masks so to find someone that combines the two….HEAVEN

* I was out of town last week for a wedding and was able to snag this KAYUTE! Dress. It was only $14 dollars from Forever 21. I’ve already worn it 3 times (yes I got it last week but I can’t help myself). I was cautious about getting it because how many $14 dresses do you have that you fell in love with? I have none…well 1 now. I love… it..Shoes came from Charlotte Russe

unnamed (1)

* I was able to finish another book this week. I have this goal to read the number of books for my age (I’m 28…hence 28 books). I’ve fallen off though. I’m only at 14 books..Yeah I have 14 books left to read and my b’day is in December. So I need to reading a book a week. Doable if I keep my mind to it.


  • Start & Finish a new book – Saw movie preview for ‘The Light Between Two Oceans’. I have the book. Started to read the first chapter and got bored but I’m going to try again
  • Me and the hubby are flying to Dallas for Alabama’s season opener. I love to pinch a penny but I over pack for everything so…my goal is to only have a carry on for the trip. No checked luggage
  • I want to do another protective style this week. was kind enough to send me some crochet faux locs and I want to get them done before we head on our trip
  • I’m currently writing a letter to myself. Some things that are going on with life in 2016. My goal is to finish it and pack it up. Not going to open up for 10 years. So I need to finish that letter this week

I think that’s enough for the week. Enjoy your week bloggers

‘There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful than a women being apologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfecion. To me, that is the true essence of beauty’

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