Fave 5: Fall Edition!!

Fall is here! Fall is an exciting time. With football season and the holidays right around the corner, it’s easy to see how this can easily be one’s favorite season (mine anyway). The colors of the trees changing is just something you can’t fake or imitate. That’s true original beauty. I’m no outdoors person in the slightest sense but I love to sit on my patio in the back of our house and just watch the wind and the sway of the trees…there’s a calming effect on me.

Anywho….There are a few things that are my favorite about fall.

Fall Scented Candles

I already have an ever growing candle collection (50+ candles). But the fall scents are just different. They can fill your entire home. Sometimes, they make my husband think I’m cooking dessert (which can be a good and bad thing when he goes to the oven expecting cookies!) Bath & Body Works has been my go do for candles.  Some of my fave fall scents …


Football Season

If you didn’t know, I’m an avid (and sometimes loco) University of Alabama fan. As an alumni, nothing feels better than knowing my tuition went for a good cause! lol…. I take football seriously…prob more seriously than I should. My husband appreciates my passion for the game. I also watch NFL but it’s just something about College Football that excites me. I’m ready for tailgates, Corn Hole, and food!

Just in case you wanted to get on the Alabama fan wagon!



Last year, my husband tackled his first DIY project on the house…he built a fire pit. I have to admit, I was a little cautious when he said he was going to build one and not buy one of those little ones at the home improvement store. In the end, I LOVE IT! It’s nice and big and many times during the fall, I’ll come home from the gym and he’s got it lit and just sitting outside relaxing. To be able to come home from a hectic day and sit by that fir pit just makes the day worth it. We even bring out the s’mores when our nephews come over. The conversations had around that fire pit will be something that I look forward to most.


Hot Cocoa!

This is self explanatory. Who doesn’t like hot cocoa? It’s become my weekly indulgent. If I have to get out of my comfortable bed each morning for work, the least I could do is give my body some hot chocolate goodness. All time FAVE drink…..Starbucks White Hot Chocolate!! It’s worth the calories, trust me…I only indulge once a week.


Layers on Layers on Layers!!

I love to layer my clothing. Not the best choice in the South during summer. Oh but when fall comes….Cardigans, scarves, and hats to the rescue. I try to stay with neutral colors to make sure I don’t get mistaken for a walking tree. However, every now and then, I step outside of my comfort zone. Here are a few inspirations I’m going to try and give my personal spin on them.



“Autumn paints in colors that Summer has never Seen”

Cocoa Curls

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