FAVE 5: Online Clothing Boutiques

This is my weakness -online shopping. I’m sitting at work (bored of course) and then all of a sudden, my little fingers go to browsing. In my head I’m thinking, I will only window shop… 4-5 business days later, little packages have started coming to the house and I’m having to explain to my husband how ‘good of a deal’ it was that I couldn’t pass up.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE online shopping. It’s convenient, efficient, and many times I find online stores have better sales than many brick and mortar stores. I still go to the store to grocery shop. I’m not that lazy (yet!). I also only shop online on websites where actual stores aren’t located in my area.

So…here are my top five:

  1. Tobi

I love Tobi for a few reasons. They always seem to have a 50% off sale on something (if you sign up, you can get 50% off your first order). They also have a unique items I just can’t seem to find in stores. I think they’re solely online but not 100% sure. Some of my fave items:

2. Necessary Clothing

This store is based in New York but they do an excelled job with making sure their website is a reflection of their physical store. You can score 10% off our first purchase. They also offer free shipping for orders over $125. I love this website for their tops. Tried to order jeans, didn’t work out. If you’re of the curvy persuasion, stick to their tops and dresses.


3. GoJane

This is my go to site for shoes. I love the variety that they have. Never got around to ordering any clothing. I’m still obsessed on the shoes!! They always have some kind of store wide sale so if shopping and they don’t have one, add the items to your shopping cart and subscribe to their site to get notifications of sale items. I always wait until there is a sale and then go purchase my items. #shoppingsmart

4. UrbanOG

I ran across them on their Instagram. I loved the looks they had online and they have this cool feature on their website where you can shop their IG looks. If I see something on their IG that I can like, I can go to their website and there’s a tab where I can purchase that entire outfit without having to look their page after page to find a certain item. Great feature that I see several other companies moving toward.


5. Impressions

This is a smaller online boutique but it’s overloaded with cute fashionable clothes. I love to support small businesses and this boutique always has customer services on 100%. Not really a lot of sales but for a small business you wouldn’t expect large sales that large companies can provide. I’ve got an order in route now. Their winter collection of sweaters and jackets are my fave


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