20 Tips & Tricks for Transitioning to Natural

Making to decision to return your hair to its natural state is a big tasks. It requires determination, a willingness to get mad at yourself sometimes, but most of all it requires patience. I have been completely natural for 3 years. I started my transitioning process in 2012. Many people thing that I had a ‘lazy’ transition. Meaning that I kept my hair out of the way for most of my transition process. I stayed with either box braids, twists, or sew ins for the entire year. I was in the process of planning my wedding and had absolutely NO time to spend hours upon hours doing my hair each day. It worked for me and I if I had to do it all over again, I would do it the same way. No process is better than the other. My ‘lazy’ transition is what worked for me. Whether you want to slowly transition or do a big chop, take time to research each method then make a decision that you feel is the best decision for you.

Over the years, I have been given tips/tricks to help with my transition process and even after I have become fully natural, there are some pieces of advise that I still use. I hope that these 20 tips will help you with your transition/natural process.


Some pics of my progress:

If only hair grew like wildflowers!

Cocoa Curls

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