FAVE 5 : Gift Edition – Mom

With Christmas just weeks away, I thought it would be a good idea to make these next few FAVE 5 Fridays with gift ideas.

If you’re like me, you hate gift giving. Not that you don’t want to give gifts to your loved ones but your utterly confused on what to get them. Are they going to like it? Should you spend that much? Are they going to take it back for a gift card? Should you skip the middle man and just buy a gift card? Is that too impersonal?…. 1000 questions to answer on what’s suppose to be a joyous time.

So…allow me to help elevate some of that pressure with these next FAVE 5 posts. This one (of course) is dedicated to mom. The next few will be Dad, Siblings, Friends, and most importantly your spouse. These are items that I think are inexpensive but still should have meaning to your loved ones. Hopes this helps.

Ultimate Bathtube Caddy – Amazon – $34.00 … Most moms are constantly busy – work, children, cleaning, and dinner are just a few things that she does on a daily basis. Getting this bath tube caddy is a way for mom to get away from the bustle of life if for only 10 mins and relax.



Home State Serving Dish – Amazon – $80.00 … Perfect for showing off your home state pride.


Latitude/Longitude Pendant – Uncommon Goods – $175.00 … All moms loves personalized gifts. This Pendant is great to remember her favorite places: wedding location, honeymoon location, location children were born. Moms are suckers for sentimental items! This one will take the cake.


Family History Collection – Personal Creations – $35 -$80 … while we’re on the subject of personalized items, the website has everything. From throw pillows to wall canvases. All items can be customized.


Shiatsu Massage Pillow – Brookstone – $59.99 … Moms get tired and Dads are too lazy to give them massages. Do your mom a favor and get this pillow for her. It’s soft but still provides the right amount of pressure to alleviate back pain. Can’t do anything about children getting on her nerves, but for 10 mins she can mentally get away and go to her mental place of relaxation.


In Bloom Book Collection – Rifle Paper Co – $64.00 … for the book lovers. These books feature floral illustrations and gold lettering from Anna Bond. She has a great book to read designed in beautiful gold designs. win-win situation




Christmas is not so much about opening presents, as opening Hearts

Cocoa Curls



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