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Essence Cover = BLACK GIRL MAGIC



Are there any words to describe how CLUTCH this magazine cover is? I saw it at Barnes and Noble and immediately whispered to myself ‘black girl power’! Me and my beau saw the movie a week or so ago and I’ve just been on this black women high all week.

I’m 29 years old and had no idea the role black women played in NASA in the 1960s. I was initially upset because I was taught about John Lewis (the first US astronaut to orbit Earth) and Neil Armstrong (first man on the moon) but in all my years of education, I was never taught about the behind the scene geniuses. I was never told that if it wasn’t for them, there would have been no Earth orbit or moon landing. Even during black history month, my history lesson on them was silenced. There were several times during the movie that I was brought to tears. Just to see what they went thru all in the name of trying to be treated like an equal. This was one movie where I was proud to be a black woman. I was SO SICK of black women being portrayed as maids or weak willed women in these movies. It was refreshing to see us portrayed in a different light. Based on a true story!

All the things we have done and are doing over the past few decades is phenomenal to me… We are no longer having to prove to anyone how MAGICAL we are. We are making moves and plans for ourselves. For so long we have had to struggle for others to see our value…struggle for people to see we are powerful in our own right. This cover just embodies everything that I feel we are….STRONG, POWERFUL, and most important MAGICAL.


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