Dear Jordan:

I don’t know Jordan Edwards. I have never met or contacted his family. When I heard about the story, I immediately began to weep. He was only 3 years older than my nephew. I don’t know why he pulled on my heart the way he is now but I felt a deep need to write this letter. I had no intention of publishing but I’m doing so in hopes that it reaches just one person.


Dear Jordan Edwards

I’m sorry. I’m sorry that you had to die at the hands of those whose sole duty was to protect and serve. I’m sorry that on the night of your final days, that oath was violated beyond any belief possible. I’m sorry that your brother had to watch you take your last breath. I’m sorry that you were only at the beginning of your life when a ruthless person decided to take it away. I’m sorry that you had to suffer. I’m sorry that you have to become a hashtag and protests in order to get justice. I’m sorry that decades later, we still have to point out that black lives matter too. I’m sorry for your mother. I’m sorry that she has to bury a child. I don’t have kids yet but I can’t imagine the pain she must be going thru. I have 2 nephews and if something ever happened to them of this magnitude, I don’t know how I would get out of bed and face each day. I pray for her strength. I pray for her endurance. I’m sorry that her nightmare is just beginning. I’m sorry for the calls and looks and court sessions she will endure just to get the justice you so rightfully deserve. I’m sorry for the tears I cry right now. For not only you but all my other brothers and sisters that have lost their lives at the hands of police. I’m sorry if they try slander your name or question your character. I’m sorry if they try to diminish your legacy and time here on this Earth. I’m sorry for the proms you will never attend, the graduation you won’t make it to, the life that you wanted to live, and the footprint you wanted to live on this round planet. I’m sorry for dreams never realized and potential never reached because of a piece of metal at the hands of an irresponsible owner. But most of all, I’m sorry you won’t be the last one……

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