Shampoo—don’t shampoo. ACV Rinse—Green tea rinse. Deep Condition—DiY Condition. LCO Method—LOC Method!!!! It could drive a person crazy with the amount of natural hair care knowledge that is flooding the internet. So, let me preface this with saying, I am not a Cosmetologist. I am not a natural hair guru and I don’t have a degree in hair types (I don’t really know what type my hair is). However, I have played trial and error with my hair and am comfortable with my hair care regimen. It changes depending on the seasons (summers are brutal down here and my hair tends to soak up moisture) and whether I am doing a protective style or not. Nonetheless, my hair care routine on a weekly basis is as follows:

Sunday: Shampoo, condition, apply products (Leave in – Cream – light oil)

Shampoo could consist of either an actual sulfate free shampoo or I use a Green tea rinse.

Conditioner: apply and leave in for 45mins to 1hr

Monday: Moisturizer (if needed. Most of the time, not needed given I just applied product the day before)

Tuesday: Daily Moisturizer, Ecostyler (if needed)

Wednesday: Daily Moisturizer, Ecostyler (if needed)

Thursday: Co-wash, apply products (Leave in – Cream- no oil)

Friday: Daily Moisturizer (if needed)

Saturday: Daily Moisturizer, EcoSytler (if needed)

Bi-monthly: Deep Condition/Hair Mask

Monthly: Protein treatments – Either my DIY version or Aphogee has a good 2 minute protein reconstructor.

DIY Protein Treatmeant: 1 egg, 1/2 avocado (mashed), 2tbsp oil (olive or coconut are really good). Mix and apply to hair. Cover with cap for 30 mins. Rinse

It’s okay to try different things until you find what’s right for your hair. Some people need more or less moisturizer depending on your hair. Only you know what’s right for your hair. If you’re truly confused, try reaching out to a natural hair care professional for tips and advise on how to properly care for your hair. With good hair care comes length retention and who doesn’t love long hair!

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