My Go-to Makeup Routine – Summer Edition

I’m not the only who goes into Sephora or Ulta with no rhyme or reason. I go just to browse and end up with a full bag and empty bank account. Every 3 months or so, I like to switch up my makeup routine to try new products that I’ve heard about or seen and am eager to try. For the summer, my makeup routine is a combination of drugstore and department store products. I’m all about having a matte look that doesn’t turn to full blown sweat after spending an hour or two outside. Here is my makeup routine (in order):


Foundation & Concealer:

I apply these at the same time with the concealer focused under my eyes and around my lower cheeks (where I have dark spots that haven’t faded). Tarte Shape tape concealer has been my go to concealer for months. It’s lightweight but offers full coverage at the same time.

I recent came across this foundation stick from Black Opal. I have been using their True Color liquid foundation. This cream foundation stick is a less oily making it perfect for a summer routine.



I apply a matte bronzer after applying my foundation. I have tried using a matte foundation but felt that I dried my skin. Applying this bronzer on top of my cream foundation gives my skin the perfect balance.


I use a loose powder (1-2 shades lighter than my foundation) to highlight under my eyes and my T zone. I apply the powder, wait 5 minutes, and blend into skin. I contour during the summer unless I’m going to an event. This powder highlights those items I want to highlight without having the heaviness of a concealer from contouring.


While I’m ‘baking’ I take those 10 mins or so and apply my eyeliner and do my brows.

Brows: This NYX Brown Gel is perfect for my shaping and filling in my brows. This is a product I use all season. After shaping my brows, I use a little concealer to perfect them and hide any hairs that I haven’t had a change to tweeze.

Liner: I use a basic MAC liner (Cat’s Meow) to line under my eyes and this Rimmel Gel liner on top. The brush in the liner to great for beginners that need a little help mastering the wing liner.

Mascara: Lancôme…the best mascara I have in my stash (FYI: I have over 10 different mascaras in my collection and this one holds it weight far above the others.

Lasher: I apply lashes if I’m up to tackling them but 6/10 times, I just apply mascara.

Finishing Powder:

This goes all over my face as a finishing powder. I love the color and the finish the Black Radiance powder provides.



Mac Blush: Format

Hightlight: This highlight trio was came from my monthly IPSY bag. You can see which one if my favorite!

Lip Liner/Lipstick Combo:


This is my go-to nude lip combination. Always remember to apply chapstick before applying lip products.

Setting Spray:


Using this NYX Stay Matte spray, I set my makeup with about 5-6 sprays over my face. This spray sets my face and keeps it nice and dry throughout the day.

What are some of your go-to products for a fresh summer face?


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