I’m not the only one that would rather read a book than watch a movie? I love that my mind can create the images of characters and scenes just by description. Nothing irks me more than reading a book and then watching to movie only to be disappointed that the characters and scenes in the movie are NOTHING like you imagined. Books will always be superior over movies…

For those that don’t know, I’m on a mission to read the number of books in a year that correlates to my age. I’m 29, hence the mission to read 29 books. I almost failed last year – Leaving me to read 2 books in a week …not easy or productive considering the holidays.

2017 is different. Mid-June and I’m already thru 17 books. I’m going to blow these 29 books out of the water. My typical genre was always romance, romance, and more romance. I decided this year to shake up my normal routine and go with books I ordinarily wouldn’t read. It has been eye opening to see how many good books I had passed over just because they didn’t fall in this little box of books I only read. You know how you read a book and you know immediately, this will be a book that you have to read each year because it’s just that good? Yeah, I’ve read a few of those books this year. Here are a few books (some romance, some not) that I’ve read this year and have fallen in love with.


Man on the Run – Carl Weber


I’ve been a fan of Carl Weber for years. I went thru this book in 2 days solid. If you haven’t read the book ‘Married Men’ it would help to read just to serve as a solid preface. You can read it without reading ‘Married Men’ but it won’t have the climax as it would have you known the characters before.

I’ll see you again – Jackie Hance


The true story of a mother who tragically lost her 3 girls and her journey to find peace and heal from the ordeal. It’s a tear jerker to make sure you have tissues handy

The Pilots Wife – Anita Shreve


This is thus far my fave books (one of those books you just have to read each year). Set in New England, this is a story of a pilot that dies unexpectedly and the secrets he may or may not have taken to the grave with him

A Lesson Before Dying – Ernest Gaines


It took a while for me to read this. Partly because of the language and me struggling to understand the Ebonics but it was on Oprah’s book list so I had to push thru. It tell the story of a guy who graduated and has moved back home to teach. He ends up teaching a black man on death row for a crime he didn’t commit (hence the Ebonics)..

The Stanger I Married – Sylvia Day


He stole her from his friend – they got married for convenience – he left for 4 years –  returns home different – can they actually fall in love? Good read

Gathering Shadows – Nancy Mehl


GREAT READ…story of a woman (still reeling from the pain of her brother that has been missing for over 9 years) who sees a clue of his disappearance and is determined to get to the bottom of it…even if it costs her life.

ADDICTED SERIES – Krista Ritchie & Becca Ritchie

Addicted to you




Addicted for Now




Addicted After All


I LIVE for a series of books. This series of books is one worth reading. Follows 2 people (Lily and Low) and their struggle to overcome their additions and find love at the same time. It takes a while to get thru the series but well worth the read.

~Cocoa Curls

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