Product Review: Curl Me Happy Hair Care

When I say ‘Chocolate Fudge’ and ‘Brown Sugar’, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? A cake? Maybe some cookies? What if I said those are the scents of a new up and coming hair care line? Wouldn’t you want to try them? I know I just had to get my hands on some of these products.

Curl Me Happy is an hair care line with a unique niche within the natural hair care  community. Not only are all of their products are 100% handmade and all natural but each product contains smells and scents that entice the nose while also providing moisture to your tresses. From the Pomegranate Cleanser to the Marshmallow & Cinnamon Bun twisting cream, this line encompasses everything you need to keep your curls beautiful but most of all – healthy.


I did a wash and go using the following products:

Deep Fudge – Deep Conditioner 

Apply deep conditioner to hair, cover with cap (if available) and leave in for 30 minutes then rinse

Brown Sugar – Curl Parfait

I was a little hesitant only using 1 product. I kept thinking, ‘where is the leave in conditioner?’ but this Curl Parfait acts as a leave-in conditioner, moisturizer, and curl styler in one. It’s goal is to provide a soft hold for thick (4c) hair without weighing it down – a win/win for me.

Day 1 


Day 3



  • Love the smell (of course!)
  • 100% handmade and all natural is always a positive
  • The deep conditioner has amazing slippage which made it easier to detangle my hair
  • Because the products are so thick, I didn’t have to use excessive amounts of the product in order to achieve my wash and go
  • The lightweight hold of the curl parfait made my curls soft and bouncy
  • I normally can go 2-3 days before co-washing my hair, however, because these products don’t weigh my hair down, I was able to go 4 full days.
  • Little to no product build up when I came time to co-wash hair


  • Not really a con on the products, but I would have like to have a leave in conditioner to add to the curl parfait
  • My curls had a little more shrinkage (maybe an elongated gel would have helped to alleviate that)


Overall, this hair care line is unique with their product niche and I have no doubt, they will find their place in this growing market.

Check out my wash and go tutorial here

-Cocoa Curls





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