August Favorites 



It’s the end of the month so you know what that means…time to get the info on a few things I’m crushing on this month.

Milani Baked Bronzer – $6.97

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I love this bronzer. I use it more as a highlighter to enhance my cheekbones after applying my foundation. It’s lightweight but also has an all day hold (a plus given the price point) If I’m in a rush or just want a ‘no makeup’ makeup look, this is my go to bronzer

M.A.C 2 in 1 Radiance Boosting Serum – $89.00

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I didn’t think I needed a serum until later in life. It wasn’t until I went to my dermatologist appointment that he insisted that I start using a serum (preferably one with some form of vitamins) to help with my skin tone and even out those troubled areas. I “borrowed” this from my sister just to see what the hype was about and never gave it back. I’ve only been using for the last 2 weeks but I can definitely tell a change in my skin. Especially when I wake up and my face is normally dull and ‘dry’. This serum has helped given my skin tone a glow. I must try. Definitely one of my favorite finds this month.

Sundays N28 Nail Polish – $18.00

I got the nail polish in my August ipsy bag and was elated. If you don’t know, my fave are black, white, and grey (I know, pretty bland uh?) and this nail polish came just in time for my fall transition from colorful nails to more neutrals. Side Note: if you haven’t signed up for ipsy, you’re missing out. Hands down the best $10 I spend each month. Get more details here (and no, they aren’t paying me, I just think it’s awesome and wanted to share)

Journal (Home Goods) – $5.99

I’m not that person that spends hours writing the little details of each day but I do spend about 10 minutes each night to write about the positive things that happened that day or anything memorable that I would want to remember years from down. This journal is just small enough to accomplish that. I only write 1 page each day. That gives me the challenge of only writing things of importance.

Honey Baby Naturals Body Jelly – $13.99

I came across this hair and skincare line while down in New Orleans for Essence Festival. I love the fact that each product is made with honey. I decided to get a few hair products and this body jelly to try out. My only regret – Not buying more than 1!! This body jelly is the perfect blend of moisture and shine for those dry areas. I use this along with my St. Ives lotion and have dramatically noticed the smoothness of some of my troubled areas (my heels in particular). They only have their hair care in stores which means when I run out, I will have to resort to online shopping.

Shea Moisture Hydrating Mud Mask – $14.99

I found this mini version in TJ Maxx and decided to give it a try before committing $15 to buy the full size version (Side Note: TJ Maxx as some of the best beauty products in mini sample sizes. Gives you a chance to try them out before committing to the larger versions). I was a little cautious because it did tingle a little too much toward the discomfort side but I realized I had a microdermabrasion the day before and they suggest to hold off on any masks for 2-3 days. My bad! Tried this a week later and loved it. I normally apply to my face and hop in the shower for a little steam action as well.

Makeup Revolution Baking Powder – $8.00

So I’m in Ulta, spending way more than I should, and came across this makeup brand. Fairly new to me but I decided to check out this baking powder for 2 reasons: 1. I was completely out of the one I normally use and didn’t feel like waiting 1 week before getting it and 2. the price point makes it worth it, even if it didn’t work out. I tried it and loved it (FYI: less is more with this powder. Only a little is needed…too much and you’re camera will let you know)

Well that’s it for August! See you guys next month!

-Cocoa Curls


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