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These past couple of months, I’ve been really into taken better care of my skin. I try to get professional facials at least once a month and will do a DIY or sheet mask once a week. The past weekend, I decided to take a peak at the TJ Maxx skincare section. It’s not normally a section I shop in but I figured a quick look would be okay. I hit a GEM….here are a few of the items I picked up.


I love Body Shop skincare but there isn’t one close to me so when I found these items, I knew I had to snag them. The tea tree toner and night moisturizer are light and provide a little tingle (to me that means it’s working! lol).

I’ve never thought of Body Shop as a go to destination for body wash, but my only regret is not getting all 3 they had in stock. The scent on this wash is AMAZING. It provides a little body scrub elements but not too many that you couldn’t use on a daily basis.

I used makeup wipes to remove my makeup (Checkout my makeup remove post). I don’t really have a preference so when I came across these, I decided to try them out. I’ve never used their cosmetics but I’ve tried their conditioner so it’s a brand I trust. Love the lightweight formula of the wipes and unlike their other counterparts, it didn’t dry out my skin.

Natural Hair + Satin Pillowcase = Moisture locked in = Wash & Go’s last longer

What are some hidden gems you’ve found in TJ Maxx

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