5 Must Buy Items from Chip & Joanna ‘Hearth & Hand’ Collection coming to Target 11/5

When I found out Fixer Upper was doing it’s last season and then no more Chip and Joanna, I almost cried. I took to that show Episode one and have been hooked since (apparently with millions watching, I wasn’t the only one). I even had to add ‘Visit Magnolia Market’ to my bucket list!My mood was instantly lifted when I found out about their collection coming to Target in November. I love Joanna’s decorated style (not so much husband given that I want to redecorate our ENTIRE house) and this collection embodies them perfectly. Here a few items that I’m counting down to get:

House Log Holder – $69.99


We have a fire pit in our backyard and when my husband buys wood, he just piles it up under out patio staircase. This holder will add a little organization and decoration to our unsightly wood pile.

Striped Pot Holders  – Set of 2 for $5.99


I have a least 4 pot holders, but none of them match. I saw this a sign to trash my mis-matched ones and get these

Gather Napkin Rings – $2.99


I normally only decorate my dining table around Thanksgiving and Christmas and leave it bare the other 10 months out of the year. Not because I’m lazy but I just haven’t been able to find a nice ‘casual’ dining set. I think with these, I’m well on my way to finding that casual decor I’m looking for.

Leather Luggage Tag and Passport Holder Set – $19.99


This is a nice gift for my husband. He’s been looking for a good ‘manly’ passport holder and to have this one match the luggage tags is just the icing on time. Who are we kidding? I’m getting one for myself as well!

Tote Bag – $19.99

The perfect bag for ANY occasion. Work bag, Travel bag, stuff snacks for the movies bag. It comes in two different colors. I think I’m leaning more toward the lighter color.

They have over 300 items in their collection but these 5 will be in my cart as soon as 11/5 strikes. I’m not the only one excited about this right?

~Cocoa Curls

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