Carry On Essentials

Hey loves! Many of you know my 30th birthday was earlier this month (Dec 2nd to be exact). As a birthday getaway, me and beau are taking a much needed vacation to Puerto Vallarta Mexico. We even splurged a little and got the suite with the private pool (hey! we’re living a little). I need a little rest and relaxation and this is just the R&R I’ve been looking for.

I’m always a little OCD when it comes to packing. I’m not the only one that checks 100 times for my passport when traveling international? I literally can forget everything else but as long as I have my passport, I’m good to go.

We have a 3 hour layover in Houston and then a 3 hour flight to Mexico…ugh. That’s the worst thing I hate when flying…layovers. To make the best of an annoying situation, I make sure my carry-on bag has all the essentials to keep me busy and my body healthy. Here are a few of my go to items needed for travel.

Water Bottle

I was that sucker. Paying 4 dollars for a bottle of water because I would always leave my water bottle at home and instead of paying for water, I would reach for caffeine and high sugar juices. I always wondered why I felt so sluggish and bloated after a flight and realized that limiting my caffeine intake while traveling helps to reduce this feeling. This water bottle helps not only my wallet but keeps me properly hydrated.


Reading keeps me busy and keeps my mind of the long layover and flight. I use the I-pad to read and browse magazines while at the airport (free wife) and I read my book while inflight. I always carry a book that I know I’m going to like in addition to a new book that I want to read. I tried reading a book and hated it and didn’t have a second option to read…will never do that again.


To listen to music or podcast when reading is no longer peaking my interest

Something To Keep Warm

What airport isn’t freezing? Always carry a loose sweater and even cozy socks to bundle up when cold that’s also quick and easy to take off when needed.

Sheet Masks/Moisturizer

Airplanes are havoc on the skin. When traveling, I like to do zero or very minimal makeup and make sure I apply a sheet mask while in flight. Helps to restore moisture to your face (Nivea Crème works wonders as a moisturizer)

What are some of you must haves in your carry on?

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport

~ Cocoa Curls

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