10 Skin Care Commandments

A flawless foundation starts with a flawless base.  It’s a phrase that can be used for a variety of different things. Do you start painting a wall before making sure it’s smooth and free of dirt and oil? Of course not because you want the paint to go on smooth in order for the wall to have a flawless, bump/dirt oil free finish. Same thing with your skin care and makeup routine. Anyone can throw on layers and layers of makeup to hide acne or dark marks. However, it’s important to make sure your skin care routine is just as sacred as how you apply your makeup. Here are my Commandments when it comes to my skin care routine:

If it works for you stick with it

You have products that seem to keeping your skin smooth, hydrated, and even toned. You’re in Target and see something you want to try. STOP IT!! I use to do this all the time. Jumping from one good item to another just because I wanted to try something new and in the end, my skin paid the price for my indecision. Your skin likes what it likes. If you found something what works, stay with it. The only time I find myself switching products are with the seasons. I will use a different moisturizer and even face wash going from summer to winter because I know with the cold, dry season, my skin is going to need extra moisturizer. Other than that ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’



I know you’ve seen this on dozens of other lists and even heard if from your esthetician or dermatologist but making sure you get enough water is essential to making sure your skin it properly hydrated. When you don’t hydrate your body, it goes into stress mode because it’s dehydrated. That ‘stress’ your body is experiencing can cause your face to breakout and dry out as well. You should aim to at least drink half your weight in water (ex. 160lb woman should drink at least 80oz of water)

Choose the right cleanser for you skin type


If you have oily skin, look for an oil free cleanser. Dry skin; go for a cleanser with hydration capabilities. Many times, we neglect the correct cleanser thinking the toner and moisturizer with help with our skin care concerns. While this is somewhat true, the cleanser is an important factor in your skin care regime.

Vitamin C is your Best Friend


It’s hard to find a Vitamin C cleanser but there are several serums that provide the necessary Vitamin C attributes that are needed. It can help repair and regenerate tissues which can lead to even skin tone and reduce look of wrinkles. Some serums can be expensive but I’ve been able to find some under $30. Check them out:


DERMA E – $14.99

THE BODY SHOP – $17.40

Don’t Neglect the Neck

When applying any serums, masks, or moisturizers, always make sure to apply to the next as well. Many times, it gets overlook and unfortunately (with the exception of the hands) is one of the first things that start to show signs of aging.

Mask Weekly

Whether it is a sheet mask or facial mask, try to aim for these DIY facial treatments at least once a week. The right face mask can help with hydration, reduce acne, remove dirt and oil, and improve the appearance of pores. Whatever your skin care concern, there’s a mask/sheet mask for it. Find a few that you like and keep them in rotation

NEVER EVER go to bed with Makeup On

This is the MOST important of all. Never go to bed without removing your makeup. You’re out all night, get home late, and are too tired to get up and take your makeup off – Solution – keep some makeup remover wipes on your nightstand. While it’s not as good as cleansing your face and applying the proper moisturizes, removing the makeup at least gives your skin a chance to breathe. Tired or not, take the makeup off…your face with thank you 20 years from now

Oil Blot not Foundation Blot


You’re out shopping or hanging with friends and feel your face getting a little oily; you touch up your oil zones with a foundation power or ‘finishing powder’. A couple of hours later, you do the same thing. Couple hours later, same thing. By the end of the day, your face is ‘caked’ with layer after layer of foundation or powder. STOP IT! Oil blotting sheets where created for this purpose. Keep a packet in your purse and use them when you want to touch up your makeup. Use them throughout the day to remove oil from your face (FYI:  if you’re constantly using them (4+ times a day) you make need to reconsider your primer/foundation combination)

Professional facial – 1 every 2-3 months

An esthetician can give insight on your skin that you wouldn’t be able to see or notice. She can give recommendations on skin care products and make sure your skin is in tip top shape

See a Dermatologist twice a year or as needed

You get your teeth cleaned twice a year. Get a physical once a year. It’s as important in your body ‘maintenance’ to check your skin checked out twice a year (or as needed for those struggling with other skin care items (i.e. eczema, adult acne, psoriasis).

How have you adjusted your skin care routine?

~Cocoa Curls

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