7 Apps Every Social Influencer Should Have

Social Media has become the go-to place for any and everything. Want to get fashion inspiration? Pinterest. Learn out to beat your face or get your curls popping?  YouTube. Can’t decide where to go and what to visit on your next vacation? Geotags on Instagram. Social Media has become a haven for any and everybody.

One of the advantages of the popularity of social media is the boom of entrepreneurs all over the globe. From hair to fashion to travel blogging, social media has become a business for thousands of people. I personally began using my social media as a brand almost 2 years ago. Initially, I was cautious and unsure how to proceed and what direction I wanted to go but after doing some research and homework, decided what path was best for me and my brand. Fast forward 2 years later and I realize just how important it is to have some good apps. Here are 7 apps that I have that I couldn’t do without:



I can do EVERYTHING with this app. I have created thumbnails for my YouTube Channel, Created my media kit and rate sheet for Instagram and even used this for graphics and thumbnails for my blog. There are some costs if you use a certain icons (i.e. the official icon for YouTube, IG, etc) but other than that it’s Free. Definitely something to have in your portfolio



I have a fulltime job so being able to schedule my Instagram posts and send me reminders when it’s time to post has been a lifesaver. I usually set aside some time Saturday or Sunday to create my posts for the next week. It holds the photo as well as your captions. It doesn’t post automatically for you (that’s against IG policy and your account will be deleted) but the reminder is enough for me.



I’m not one of those that abuses Facetune. Trust me I’ve seen some posts and wonder if they think we don’t know? I do use Facetune to smooth my face and the ‘detail’ function to make the curls pop when the camera doesn’t adequately get them. The original version isn’t free but they have a 2.0 version that is free for a limited time



This is one of the best apps I’ve found. Earlier this year, I changed my feed on IG and this app makes it perfect to be able to lay out the pics I want to post and the filters I want to use (the good filters aren’t free but it’s worth the investment). Thinking about creating a blog post on how I edit my photos in the app but that’ll come later



Similar to Facetune but one of it’s biggest features is the ability to remove things that are in the way: people, that shadow you didn’t want in your photo, hair strands that refuse to cooperate and join the others!



This app is also good for filter and correcting changes in a photo: brightening, color correction, sharpening, etc. And it’s free so why not?

YT Studio


This app (of course) is only for those bloggers that have a monetized channel on YouTube. This allows you to see several things. It first gives you a dashboard that shows your most recent videos as well as your revenue for the month. It’s also an easy way to respond to comments left on your video and make edits on videos that aren’t live. I personally use this app to add my custom thumbnail on my videos before I publish them. I use the CANVA app on my phone to create the thumbnail, save it to my photos, and use the YT studio app to upload the thumbnail. I lot more convenient for me than waiting until I get home to use CANVA on my laptop.

What are some apps that help make your social brand easier?

~Cocoa Curls

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