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Who doesn’t love protective styling. I personally love a good crochet braid or wig during the winter months. It gives my hair a break from the daily styling and the opportunity to grow (tip: always make sure to moisturize/oil your hair every couple of days to ensure your ‘feeding’ your hair).

Little known fact: I didn’t big chop when I decided to go natural. I just wasn’t that brave. I slowly started transitioning and the process took me a little over a year. I would get a protective style, keep in for about 4-5 weeks and take down and have someone (usually me or my sister) cut about a inch or so of my permed ends. I’m not sure why I didn’t just big chop, I never wore my hair for longer than a day before it went back up into a protective style. You name it and I wore it for that year: sew-ins (blessed to have a sister that can do these professionally), crochet braids, wigs, box braids, twists, I’ve worn them all. With proper care, protective styles can really help to improve the strength of your hair which in turn can lead to longer, stronger strands.

One thing I love about the breakthrough of social media is being able to look at Pinterest and Instagram to get inspiration ideas for my next protective style. Below are some protective styles that should be on your calendar for the year.

Goddess Braids

goddess braids
IG: ayandathabethe_













I was a little hesitant about being able to pull these off (I normally like hair dangling in my face) but I’m in love with these.

Havana Twists

IG: @jaimari
The crochet braid version of Havana twists
Crochet Braid Version of the twists IG: @kiitana

Faux Locs

IG: @naturalbabe10.11_pro
IG: @fabulousbre

Crochet Braids

IG: @foreverflawlyss
IG: @makeupbydenise
IG: @vanitybydanit


IG: @peakmill


I personally love to wear wigs. Gives me the flexibility of changing my hairstyles more often than other protective styles will allow.

Sleek Pony

IF: @SheSoBoujie


IG: @GottaLoveDesss

I don’t think there’s anything more chic than a sleek ponytail with a fiery read lipstick and statement earrings.

Looks like my hair calendar is going to be busy this year but I’m excited to try different variations of all these protective styles. What are some styles that you want to try this year?

~Cocoa Curls

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