The 3 Deep Conditioners I’m Crushing On Right Now

It’s officially SUMMER!Even though I live in the South, the winter wreck havoc on my skin and my hair. I’m  more than excited to have hot humid summers.

A couple of things that I always change up during the spring and summer months are my skin care and hair care routine. I make sure I have a SPF moisturizer and when it comes to my hair, I’m adding a few new deep conditioners to my routine to make sure my hair is moisturized and protected the next several months. One of my main issues with my hair is dryness. I have awesome hair days for a couple of days and after Day 3, my hair is praying for moisture. The assumption is that I should add more curl cream or oil but in reality, the underlying issue is making sure my hair is moisturized before adding in styling products. I’ve decided to change my routine and only use deep conditioners that promote moisture retention. Here are some of my favorite deep conditioners for the summer months.

Raw Sugar Hair Masque – $9.99

I’m new to this brand. Was introduced a couple of months ago for their AWEsome skincare (like this body butter or this body wash). They introduced hair care into their brand last year and this new masque hits all the must haves for me. Avocado + Banana Oil + Coconut Milk + Honey makes this masque super hydrating for my tresses. Not only does it moisturize but the avocado and honey also promote hair growth so I can ensure that my hair is not only moisturized but also growing as well.

Belle Bar Organics Restorative Hibiscus Hair Mask



I actually got this in a PR package from the company and was a little hesitant to try. It wasn’t like the ‘usual’ hair masks I use in the sense that it’s not actually a true deep conditioner. It looks like a tea packet and you put 1-2 teaspoons of the mixture to any deep conditioner you make have, whip the mixture and apply to hair as you would a normal conditioner. My hesitation was instantly eased when I apply the mixture to my tresses. I used a conditioner I had previously used to see if there was a difference between applying the mask powder and without—uh…there was definitely a difference.

Natur-all Deep Conditioner – Dry Hair Solution – $9.00



If you’re asking if I saved the best for last…you would be correct. I feel like I had been walking thru a cloud of grey deep conditioners until I introduced this bright green conditioner into my life and it has changed my whole perspective on life (over dramatic much?? yeah I know).

This deep conditioner answers the prayers of 3b/3c/ and all 4 textures. The slippage in this conditioner!!! I can’t even begin to explain to you just how smooth and tangled free this conditioner slides thru my hair (with ingredients like avocado and Shea butter). If you’ve never heard the story of the brand, I encourage you to google it and you can see why I’ve decided to incorporate this into my biweekly deep conditioning routine. The ingredients are simple and natural (you have to keep this frozen until ready to use…yes it is that bomb). The only downside is the price point. It is $9 per pouch and with my hair, I need the entire pouch. However, I’m willing to pay that money and freeze my conditioner if it is going to leave my hair that moisturized.

How are you changing your beauty routine to account for the summer weather?

~Cocoa Curls

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