Another month..another round up of my monthly favorites.

I’m a sucker for Instagram marketing. Over half of the products I bought this month came from me scrolling Instagram and seeing a beauty blogger using these products and me thing ‘hmmm…I kinda wanna try that’ and here we are several coins later. As usual, I try to keep the price point under $25 dollars and found some really great items.

Shayla x Colourpop Perception Eyeshadow Palette – $23.00


I LIVE for this palette. I normally don’t buy eye shadow palette because I don’t I never end up using all colors in the palette and consider it a waste if I buy a 23 color palette and only use 4-5 colors. This palette does not fit that description. I saw so many people create so many different looks with this palette that I was sold. I have a habit of never buying 1 product at Colourpop (or any online website for that matter) hence my next couple of purchases

Colourpop No Filter Foundation & Setting Powder – $12.00


There’s no rhyme or reason as to why I bought this foundation….actually yes there is. I was looking at MakeupShayla’s Youtube video where she reviewed this foundation collection and that it had awesome results for the price point. I almost NEVER buy foundation online because I am never sure what my shade is but I realized me and MakeupShayla are very similar in color ( I’m one shade darker than here) so I order one shade from hers and it was a perfect match. The banana setting powder isn’t life changing but it works perfectly when used in conjunction with the foundation.

Makeup Tools – $various


I have tried several beauty blenders and this one from CrayonCase is one of the best I’ve use. One…the price point is AMAzing ($5.00 for 2 blenders) and makes my foundation look flawless. The makeup brush was actually FREE with the purchase of my Colourpop foundation. Since I don’t use these kind of brushes to apply my foundation, I’ve decided to use it to apply my face masks.

New Lippies – CrayonCase – $10.00


You remember how I said I never purchase 1 item when buying online…this was one of those times. I needed to re up on my beauty blenders and wanted to checkout their lippies. I’ve heard great things and they live up to the hype. I already have the ‘Crawfish’ but it was too bright for my taste so I picked up these darker red and wanted to try a nude (I pair it with MAC ‘Bittersweet’ or ‘Chestnut’)

SkinCare Goodies


These items were in my ipsy bag for the month. I’ve been disappointed the last couple of months in my ipsy bag…nothing even remotely good for my to try but it seems they are trying to rebound this month. I had been wanting to try the pixie toner so these perfect timing. I actually ended up buying the full size bottle because it felt that good on my skin.

The Mask: I have only used it around my nose area given that it is the area with the most blackhead concerns but can see an improvement when applying foundation.

Til next time….

~Cocoa Curls

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