48 hours in Nashville

I love taking mini trips.It gives me the perfect opportunity to explore those cities around me without having to buy a plane ticket or do a ton of packing. So, this weekend, me and bae packed a weekend bag and headed to Nashville. I wasn’t even there for a full day and I was ready to pack up and move there. The shopping, the food, the music (and yes, there’s other music than country available) was AMAZING. I quickly realized that while I loved Nashville, if I ended up moving there I would be 40+ lbs heavier and broke. So I made the most of my weekend. Here are some must dos while in the city


       Dinner: The Tavern

The Tavern - Nashville

Loved! Be prepared to wait (30-45 mins for a party of 2) on the weekend but the wait was worth it. My pick: the Chimichanga. If you can move your trip up a day, they have 2 for 1 drinks on Thursday and Sunday evenings.

       After Dinner: Blend Bar and Cigar



I have to admit, this wasn’t my first choice but hubby likes cigars so this was a must see. After I got over the fact that my hair was going to be smoked out, I decided to go for it. Surprisingly, the smoke wasn’t that bad. Apparently they have this great ventilation system and I barely smelled the smoke despite their being at least 20+ people in there enjoying a nice cigar. They have good drinks but they also have GREAT coffee. It even comes with little sugar cubes you can add to adjust the sweetness. Reminded me of a little cafe shop in Cuba. If you’re going with your beau, he’ll definitely like this stop.


       Brunch: Saint Anejo


This was one of the top places for brunch so I had to try this place. There was a wait (of course) but it wasn’t that long so I endured. Everything from the drinks to the churros was event worthy. It was so good, I wanted to go back for brunch Sunday but husband wasn’t having it. He’s all about trying new places but this is definitely a must eat WHENEVER I come to Nashville.

Shopping: 12 Avenue South & the Gulch

This two areas are Nashville are full of eclectic boutiques that has everything from clothing to home decor to accessories. Park across from Serendipity on 12th Avenue and stroll the 5-6 block radius. Some of my fave places were Serendipity (love their eccentric toiletries) and Hero Boutique. Also grab some ice cream at Jeni’s or Five Daughters Bakery (get there relatively early. We got there after 4 and there was nothing but cinnamon rolls). (There is a street to take Instagram worthy pics)

The Gulch has shops and great restaurants. Finish shopping and catch dinner in the same neighborhood. You can also get a good picture of the Nashville wings mural. I wasn’t about to wait in that 40+ people line to take a picture but if you’re patient, it’s worth it.



Dinner: Whiskey Kitchen

A good place to grad some good food and great drinks.

Faves: Appetizer: Calamari. Dinner: Creole Shrimp & Grits (request is extra spicy if you love spicy food).

 Late Night: L27 Rooftop Bar (Westin Hotel)

I love everything about this bar. It’s a rooftop bar complete with a pool and cabanas that are available to rent by the hour. I love a good mojito and they make a great one. If you get there after 10, be prepared to wait for a table or go with a group of friends and rent out a cabana. The views are reason enough to make this the final stop on your mini vaca.


 Brunch: Bar Louie

Honest Moment: We were initially intending on going to Biscuit Love to have brunch. We turn the corner, saw the line out of the restaurant and decided against it. Bar Louie was our next option. It didn’t disappoint. The drinks!!!!! The berry mojito is heaven in a tall glass. Skip the omelets and head for the biscuits and gravy add fried chicken. The patio seating is a great place to take in the city.


The mini trip to Nashville was EVERYTHING! I’m in full workout mode to get rid of this ‘vacation weight’ but I wouldn’t change a thing. What are some of your mini vacation spots?

– Cocoa Curls

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