The Best 5 Step Routine to Remove Makeup & Moisturize Skin

*note: this post is sponsored by Kroger but all opinions are mine

It’s late and the last thing you feel like doing taking off your makeup.There have been several times when I have to pull myself out of bed and spend at least 5 minutes to take off my makeup and properly cleansing my face. As much as I do not feel like doing it, I know my 60 year old self will thank me for it. Here’s a simple, 5 step routine to remove makeup while also protecting and moisturizing your skin. All of these items are available at Kroger and from now until 9/18, buy $15 and save $5 instantly.


If I have a heavy makeup day, I use 2 methods to remove my makeup. I love these Neutrogena Cleansing Wipes to remove my foundation and the grapefruit scents smells amazing and give me boost of energy I need to finish what seems like a daunting process. I finish with the micellar water around my eyes to remove mascara and eyeshadow. It’s sensitive enough to use around my eyes but still adequate enough to remove the day’s makeup.


A good cleanser is water based and can lift and remove dirt and oil. This foaming cleanser is an added benefit in that it penetrates deep into your pores to remove any impurities. I also love that this cleanser is oil free. I have normal to oily skin so I like to use products that don’t have oil as to not over moisturize my face


Besides witch hazel, this is my next favorite toner. It helps remove oil but doesn’t strip or irritate my skin


I don’t have a big acne problem (thank God and my Mommy) but if I can see that something is coming or a pimple is starting to form, it use this and it’s gone by morning!


Finally! The last but most important step is to bring moisture back to your skin. It’s important after essentially stripping your face, that you give it back the essentials needed to replenish and quench your skin of the thirst it will needed overnight.


Whatever your skin concern, washing at night is a must. It’s essential to get a night time routine and commit to eat to keep your skin smooth and moisturized. With Kroger’s beauty event, now’s the perfect time to continue or create a routine that’s simple but effective.

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