I’m obsessed with H&M Home – 15 pieces you need in your abode

A couple of weeks ago, me and bae went to New Orleans for a week. Scratch that – bae had to go for work and I decided to tag along (because did he think he was going to NOLA and have beignets and gumbo without me? Nah!!). I don’t do much shopping when I’m out of town unless there’s a store that I don’t have in my home state. I had seen H&M several times but never went in because I have and H&M at home and didn’t see the reason. However, bae wanted to go in to check out some things and I’m all for putting something on his tab.  To my surprise, there’s was a WHOLE Home section and I was immediately furious and upset. Furious because my local H&M (there are 2 within 30 mins of me) has ZERO home items and upset because I had passed this store several times when traveling to NOLA and didn’t bother about going in to just check it out.

After my fumes died down, I wanted to spend ALL my coins in this section. I had a blazer, a couple of jeans, and some boots that I immediately put back (in their place of course – don’t be that person!) and proceeded to fill my mesh bag with things that I didn’t need but the interior designer in me desired them. They were quality pieces at good prices (legit…if they had an entire H&M Home Store they would put Pier 1 out of business and I would be here for it).  Allow me to introduce you to their Home Collection.


hmgoepprod (4)

Small Textured Plant Pot

hmgoepprod (3)

Square Tray

hmgoepprod (2)

2-pack Straw Placemats

hmgoepprod (1)

Porcelain Bowl

they also have in black and white
(not to mention the matching plates and mugs!)


4-piece Metal Measuring Set

also available in black and red

cutting board

Wooden Cutting Board

hmgoepprod (5)

3-pack Metal Bowls


hmgoepprod (6)

Collapsible Storage Basket

hmgoepprod (7)

Boxed 4-pack Scented Candles

hmgoepprod (8)

Bath Mat

available in a few different sizes

hmgoepprod (9)

Porcelain Cup

hmgoepprod (10)

Metal Vase

2-pack Bath Towels

Quilted Velvet Cushion Cover

Jacquard-weave Cushion Cover

Faux Fur Throw


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