My Favorite Crochet Styles of 2018

I can’t believe it! The year is almost over, and it feels like I was just enjoying sunny beaches in July or city hoping in Rome. Where has the time gone. A couple of the goals I was able to accomplish this year was being able to travel more and more protective styles — in particular crochet braids.

I wore crochet braids religiously when I was transitioning (2016). I would wear them for 3-4 weeks, take them out on a Friday and put them right back in on Sunday for another 3-4 weeks. I knew I didn’t want any manual manipulation to my hair to help with the growth and retention but also knew I didn’t want to commit 7-8 hours to get box braids and twists. Crochet braids seemed like a win-win situation with me. They were easy to install and with the wide variety of hair options, it was easy to switch up my style.


I didn’t install crochet braids as often in 2017. I was happy my hair was at a length I was comfortable with wearing and wanted to give my scalp a break. However, I realized (after my stylist cut off 2 -3 inches of split ends) that even though I’m happy with my length, I still needed to protective style to give my hair a break. So, 2018 was a reemergence of crochet braids into my routine. Most of the crochet hair came from There are SEVERAL other websites that sell crochet hair, but this was the only site that had all the hair I was looking for and the shipping didn’t take forever. I’m impatient when it comes to styles so to be able to order on Monday and it arrive by the end of the week (just in time for the weekend) was a big factor in buying my hair online. If I’m unsure of which styles I like, I visit my local beauty supply store to check out the hair before deciding. I also purchase online because 90% of the time, it’s cheaper.

Here are some of the best styles I was able to accomplish… (note: I will link both the YT video as well as the hair link

Wanda Curl

Bohemian Braidless Crochet

Niagara Curl

Baton Curl

was really nervous with this short style but you guys loved the way it turned out

Cassie Curl

I has so much fun creating this wig…something simple to put on when I didn’t feel like doing anything to my natural hair

Beach Curl

came just in time for my mini beach vacay to the gulf coast


Which one was your favorite? What style are you looking forward to trying in 2019?

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