These 5 Apps Help Me Stay On Track Financially

Money and budgeting is one of those issues that people don’t talk about. We don’t learn about it in high school or even college and yet are expected to create and follow a budget and are given zero tips and tricks to be able to navigate the world of money and budgets and 401k and all those other financial terms that give us goosebumps and night sweats.
I was lucky in that in college, a professor advised me if I wanted to go into the Finance field, I had to essentially ‘get my shit together’. She showed me the basics of a budget (with what little funds I had in college), how and when to payoff credit card debt, and the different ways to save for retirement.
I know not everyone is able to have someone navigate your financial wellness but these apps have helped me stay on track with my spending while also helping me save an emergency fund as well as retirement.



Mint is a budgeting tool but I mainly use this to keep track of all my accounts. It has all my checking, savings, 401k info as well as all my credit cards stored in one place. With one dashboard, I can see all my assets as well as my credit cards and their due dates (it does not send payment reminders). This has been a life saver!

Credit Karma


Track your credit score and credit report each month and get alerts when your score changes. It also gives advice and recommendation for loans or credit cards that may be helpful on your financial journey.



I know it’s not technically a money saving app, but if you’re doing any online shopping (or in my case, ALWAYS online shopping), you should get paid to buy online. All stores are on Ebates but many of them are and with cash back of up to 10%, it pays to at least give them a look.



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This app is an easy way to organize and pay my bills. You can pay directly from the app instead of having to log in to each website. It also sends payment due date reminders.

You Need A Budget

5.99/month (free for first 30 days)

This app’s main purpose is to give every dollar a job. It helps to build a budget and help you gain control of your spending. I used this for a couple of month (2-3 max) to help understand my knowledge of money and a budget and then transitioned to a free budget template in Excel.

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