Change – Okay and Necessary

In this age of social media, it can be easy to get sucked into the belief that someone’s life is ‘better’ than yours. Between the flat tummy tea, heavy logo tees, and amazing travel pics, it’s hard to distinguish between authenticity and people just ‘doing it for the gram’.

When I first started this social influencer platform, one of my main goals was to always remain humble and honest in everything I post, review, & promote. There have been several brands that I declined to work with because either they didn’t fit my brand or i didn’t like the products. I started to question if I was doing the right thing, after all, I was leaving money (good money) on the table and though I wasn’t strapped for the cash, it was still money I didn’t have.

After turning down 4 offers in a row, I went on a social break. I needed to decide who I was going to be as a brand and where my platform was heading. I started out as a natural hair influencer but I knew that I wanted to branch out and do so many other things. It was time for me to reinvent myself and my platforms to change with the vision I had for my brand.

I listened, watched, and read all the books and lessons from other influencers on how to re-brand yourself and reintroduce yourself to your following. It took a little time but I finally did it! After rebranding, I was offered collaborations and partnerships from companies outside of the hair industry and it’s been so great to be creative in other ways than natural hair.

Change is not only okay but necessary in order to grow. However, change requires us going outside of our comfort zone and for many of us, that change is uncomfortable and because of that, we choose to stay when everything in us is telling us to move forward. It’s imperative to know that uncomfortable situations will lead to great destinations and while the path is unknown, you have to stay focused on your end goals during those uncomfortable moments.

I will always and forever be a natural hair influencer, but it’s so good to be able to branch out and create on so many other things that I love and for that, thank you Change!

Outfit details

Hat & Pants: Belk

Turleneck: Forever 21

Cardigan: Marshall’s

Handback: Steve Madden

Jewelry: Alex & Ani : Earthbound 

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