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Need a little inspiration, pick up one of these 7 books

Everyone, in some form or another, experiences a funk. Finances are not where you want them to be, you thought that promotion was yours and your asshole manager gave it to someone else, working out and eating right but the scale refuses to move, or it’s just one of those days and you need a pick me up. It’s normal to have those days, but it’s important not to have those days for weeks and months (FYI: I am in NO WAY a professional & if you feel your 1-2 days of funk is turning into weeks, I would advise you to seek professional counseling).
I love reading books (more so than watching the movie). Anything from mystery to romance can be found on my bookshelves. The same way I multitask with just about everything, I also do the same in terms of my reading list. I will read an inspiration/self-help book at the same time I’m reading a mystery or the next book in Oprah’s Book Club list (not sponsored but a great place to find your next read).
Here’s my list of great inspiration books:


Becoming: Michelle Obama


Should there by any explanation! America’s First Lady gives us an in-depth look at not only her childhood & upbringing but also gives us a glimpse on her family’s 8 years in the most important position in the world. I didn’t think I could love her or my #44 anymore….i was wrong

The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck


Don’t let the title fool you. It’s not a book to teach you to not care about anything. Instead, it tries to teach you what to focus your energy on and what you should let fall off your shoulders. It’s basically the Marie Kondo method for your energy

You Are A Badass


My sister introduced me to this book and now I want to read the entire collection of ‘Badass’ books. The genius to combine witty stories, small exercises, and meaningful quotes I can post throughout my house is what make this book a true page turner. 

You Are a Badass at Making Money


ditto as above but focuses more on not only making money but saving the money your are making to create and maintain wealth

The Gifts of Imperfection


I read this book at least once every couple of years. It’s a great book to find and remember your self worth and confidence in a world full of Snapchat filters and Factune editing. 

How to Get Sh*t Done


For so long, I didn’t how to say not to people. I felt guilty when someone asked me for  a favor and I couldn’t come thru so I always said yes, even if it was a big inconvenience for me. Reading this book taught me the power of No. It’s okay to say No to some things and some people. 


Calm The F*ck Down


this may not be a book for everyone but I have a little of a temper: road rage, inpatient when waiting in line, irritated when my waitress hasn’t greeting me and I’ve been sitting for 5 mins. All these were triggers for me but I’m halfway thru this book and I waited for 10 mins when checking out at TJ Maxx this pas weekend. 10MINS!! that may not seem like a big deal to many people but for me, this was a game changer.








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