These 5 Podcasts Are The Reason I Get Thru My Week

I have to admit something: I hated podcasts. Something about listening to someone talk just wasn’t my idea of passing the time. My old work routine: Sit in car for 5 mins to determine what day I was going to have, made my keto coffee in the cafeteria, logon and browse CNN, Yahoo, Refinery 29, & the Everygirl to catch up on my news, and finally put in headphones while Pandora blasts everything from Toni Braxton to LL Cool J.

While browsing Instagram, I came across The Read podcast in my explorer page. Didn’t think but about it but there was a 60 second clip of Kid Fury giving someone the business and I was immediately intrigued. I log out of Instagram, download the Apple podcast (because apparently I deleted it) and spend the next 7 hours knee deep in this podcast. My coworkers gave me the side eye when I would randomly bust out laughing but this was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Over the last year, I’ve found 4 more podcasts to add to my library and now my morning work routine is something like: Site in care for 7 minutes to determine what day I’m having, make my keto coffee in the cafeteria, check Refinery 29 & The Everygirl (CNN & Yahoo never has good news and I realized is one of the main reasons my mood seems to change), and put on my headphones to catch up on the latest episode of some of my favorite podcasts:

The Read


My favorite podcast hands down. Kid Fury & Crissle are the perfect duo. They cover everything from black excellence to ‘the read’ (giving a poor (but deserving) the business and calling them out on their shit). I get my whole life from them. I’m waiting on them to tour close to my hometown so I can see them live.




 Passing Through


I’ve been following Nneka on Instagram for years and live through not only her pictures but her captions/stories behind them. When she decided to launch her own podcast in 2018, I was elated to have another podcast channel in my library. I didn’t give here a ‘trial run’ with my other podcasts…I knew it was going to live up to the hype. All episodes are short (15-45 mins) but packed with so many jewels. The best news for 2019: a book is coming!!


Small Doses with Amanda Seales


I love and live for Amanda’s podcast. I have to admit, I didn’t know much about her before Insecure but once I found her podcast, I was hooked on her wit and ability to say ALL things I was thinking or wanted to say. 





My Taught You by Myleik Teele


Creator of the famous ‘Curlbox’ (monthly hair/beauty subscription specifically for natural hair), Myleik’s podcast gives nuggets and insights on navigating her way to success. I like that she also brings in people in their expertise to provide additonal insight. One day, I’m going to her annual ‘MYTRETREAT’






is there literally a human being that doesn’t watch Insecure? I’ve been obsessed since Season 1. I came across this podcast at the beginning of Season 2 and have been hooked. Crissle from ‘The Read’ and Fran from ‘HeyFranHey’ come together to dish all the details from the previous episode and ponder what the hell Issa is doing…Love Love Love!

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