The Best Series: Rooftop Spots In Birmingham

Summer is officially here – unless you’re like me and live in the South in which case summer has been here since April! One of my favorite things to do during the summer months (besides begging hubby make flavored mojitos EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY!!), is getting out and enjoying my food on patios, and rooftops. Birmingham has really exploded on the food scene in the last 7 years and with that come some great places to eat and enjoy the vibe. In the ‘The Best Series’ I’m giving you all the details on the best rooftop places to enjoy some libations while also enjoying a great tapa or two.

Moon Shine 


I first visited this place within a week after it opened and wasn’t AT ALL impressed. There were a ton of people and that didn’t bother me but dogs…on a rooftop…WHY!!! I have gone back since and realize that it’s much better when you and Fido aren’t at the bar trying to get a drink. The flatbread is outta this world amazing.


carrigans 1

I’m a sucker for a good corn dog. After seeing pictures of their famous dog, I knew I had to try it. I did not disappoint and their drinks (especially the mule) are just a great as the food.

Grand Bohemian – Habitat Feed & Social


This place can do no wrong. This is a great example of a rooftop done right. Not small compared to the other places downtown and has great little sitting areas. They recently banned smoking on the rooftop. Great for me and my hair… not so great for hubby who likes to enjoy a little cigar with his rum. Oh well!!

Redmont Hotel

This rooftop has been around for a while but was renovated a couple of years ago. A little small when they’re trying to host an event and keep it open to the public at the same time, but the ambiance is amazing. I love the view from this place during sunset

The Southern Kitchen & Bar


When I moved to Birmingham, Uptown wasn’t even a thought (or maybe it was and us simple citizens were privy to those ideas) but I love this area. I head to Octane to get my daily dose of caffeinated coffee then head over to Southern for some great food. It gets a little crowded during game days but I love the atmosphere of people a little tipsy  cheering with the Tide (or that other school located in Alabama).

That wraps up this edition of ‘The Best Series’. Make sure you catch the next one by subscribing (there may or may not be giveaways included!!)

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