I went all the way to Tulum to Relax – It was Worth It || Tulum Mexico Guide

I have this tradition of traveling somewhere new for my birthday. I don’t ask for gifts or anything from husband nor do I splurge on anything for myself. Instead, I decide to take that money and spend it on experiences rather than purses that will probably be in the goodwill box in a couple of years.

By my birthday being in December, this trip is perfect time for me to relax, think about the year that I’ve had, and try to look forward into the next year and set my intentions ahead of time.

Me and husband were blessed to be able to spend 5 days on the beautiful beaches of Mexico and Tulum was the perfect location (minus the 2-hour car ride from the airport)

How to Get There

I spoiled in that if I can get a nonstop flight, I’m willing to pay a little extra for that. We flew out of Atlanta – a direct flight to Cancun. The one downside to getting to Tulum – the only way to get there is to fly into Cancun and take a 1.5 – 2-hour drive to via bus/cab/car. We booked out transportation via Expedia before we realized our hotel had private airport transfer for about the same price we paid for a shared shuttle.


We took dollars figuring we could get the same conversion rate but sadly nope… we ended up using our credit cards if they took them and using our dollars for the taxi rides. Do yourself a favor and convert to pesos at your local bank or US airport. The rate is a lot better than waiting until you get to MX.


Where We Stayed – Kasa Parota Hotel

I was a little cautious about this place on the way to the hotel. I was under the impression that it was beachfront, but it was in the Aldea Zama neighborhood which is going under some serious construction (I think there building 10 different hotels at the same time). After we got there, all my fears were ceased. This hotel was amazing. The food was great, staff was impeccable, didn’t hear any construction, and the best part … they arranged everything we did for every single day we were there. Wanted to go to the beach? They had a shuttle that took you. Wanted to go to the ruins or other parts of the city? The hotel arranged a taxi for you. Need a great place for lunch or dinner? The hotel not only gave you recommendations, but also made reservations for you. I have a rule of not visiting a place more than once but if I ever went back to Tulum, I’ll be staying here again.

What To Do

I knew going on this trip, my activities were going to be limited. I wanted to relax on the beach and each. However, hubby was able to get me out of the hotel for a few times to enjoy some places.

Taboo Beach Club


Mia Beach Club

Tulum Mayan City Ruins

SFER IK Museum

Casa Malca

(note: there is a $80/person food minimum to even step inside this hotel, but the drinks and food will definitely add up to the minimum)

Boutique Shopping along South Beach Road

Gran Cenote


Places To Eat

We only ate dinner at the hotel one night because we were exhausted after a full day at the beach. That tells you how often we went out to eat so I have several recommendations for you.

El Pez


Rosa Negra


Mi Amor

Raw Love Café

Burrito Amor


Ahau Resturant



Should you ever find yourself needing to get away from life for only a few days, I hope you find your pinky toes on the beautiful beaches of Tulum Mexico.


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