48 Hours in Denver Colorado

Have you ever been bored at work and get an alert for $95 round trip flights to Denver and randomly buy them for you and husband without running it by him? No? I’m the only one that when my husband asks me how was work I replied, “a little busy but not anything I can’t handle. Oh, and I bought us flights for Denver next month….SURPRISE!!”

I’m lucky that I have a husband that loves to travel as much as I do but his first response was, “you want to go to Denver in January?” …. guess I didn’t think about that but the tickets were non-refundable so we packed our jackets, and ear warmers, and long johns and proceeded to plan and pack as much into 2 days as possible.

Travel Day:

Hotel : Warkwick Denver

I’ve never used Groupon to book travel but randomly saw they had a great deal on a downtown hotel. I checked Tripadvisor for non-biased reviews and loved what I saw. I paid $95/night for a standard room but when we checked in, we were given a suite (thank you travel gods!)


Dinner: Colorado Campsite

We loved that the hotel was within walking distance of several restaurants and this one didn’t close til midnight so even though we arrived late (around 9ish), we were able to unpack and hit the streets for Denver.







Day 1:

IMG_7306Brunch @ Bottle & Bone

Once again, within walking distance to the hotel and was able to get some great shots for the ‘gram

tip: get the cinnamon roll for an appetizer … you’ll thank me later


Denver v Rockets game

We’re both big sports fans and was able to score some great seats for less than $75/person. This was also the first game that was televised after the Kobe accident and you could physically see the shift in the players and fans after it came across everyone’s phone. It took everything in my not to break down crying. We stayed until half-time and I decided I needed to drown my grief in retail therapy (not a good coping mechanism but it works for me)


Shopping @ Cherry Creek Mall

Zara – H&M – Express … window shopping in Louis Vuitton

Dinner @ Bastiens

Husband was craving steak and saw this was in some GQ article. We shared a 12oz Ribeye and it lived up to all the hype hubby was giving on the uber ride over

Day 2

Denver Art Museum

Trying to pack as much into 2 days so we grab some kind bars in the hotel and headed out the the museum. Other than the Monet collection (there for a limited time) I wasn’t impressed with the other works of art. I also felt that for such a large museum, there should have been more pieces on display. It seemed like every corner we turned, there was a ‘artwork in progress’ note and after the 3rd floor, I was over it.

Coffee & Books @ Tattered Covered  Bookstore

This was my idea. The largest independent bookstore … I had to check it out (the one on 16th street is my favorite). I proceeded to peruse every section while hubby grabbed a hot chocolate and perused the magazine section. They have a ‘blind date’ section that I was obsessed over but not that much that I didn’t ended up buying one. I had a list and stuck to that list.

Drinks and Tapas @ The Terminal

Great bar in Union Station that makes some great drinks and truffle fries that are perfect

Walking/Shopping @ 16th Street Mall

We had done our share of shopping the other day so mainly just walked (or took the free bus) down the street until we were ready for actual food

Lunch @ Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs

I had been craving a hot dog since we passed the Nathan’s stand at the airport and this lived up to the hype (as far as hot dogs are concerned). Husband got the wings and was thoroughly disappointed.

Chill @ Capitol Cigars

I got to sit for hours at the bookstore doing what I love so it’s only right that my husband be allowed to do the same. I wasn’t complaining. The smell wasn’t that and the bartender was making great drinks. It gave me time to start editing my YouTube videos and get other social things taken care of.

Pizza @ Walter’s 303 

Yes….we tried all variety of food on this trip. Husband was a little reserved to get the wings with the disaster that was lunch so we went with a supreme pizza and lasagna. IT …. WAS … DELICIOUS! When we were heading out, we heard some guys order his 2nd order of wings because they were so good…husband got major FOMO

Dessert + Drinks @ Frozen Matter

Ever seen an ice cream shop with a speak easy in the back? Me neither, so we had to try this place out. Loved everything about this place. From the unique drink options to the very much homemade ice cream, this definitely make up for the FOMO we had from not trying the wings. Loved that both the ice cream shop & speakeasy were open until midnight every night.

Denver Colorado gave me and my husband so many memories and for $95 round trip flights, I will forever be grateful

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