FAVE places to find Fedoras

I’m not sure when but over the last few years, I’ve been obsessed with fedoras. I will wear at least one/week. Considering I’m in the office for 3 of those days and can’t wear hats, that only leaves 4 days for hat wearing and I take FULL advantage.

Some people collect keychains or shot glasses or souvenior spoons when they go on vacation, but me, I try to find a local shop or boutique to pickup a unique Fedora. My latest find was a GORGEOUS fedora in Tulum Mexico.


When I’m not traveling, I have a few places that I go to to shop for fedoras. I have a big head (let me be truthful) so where most people can buy those ‘one size fits all’ hats, that’s definitely not the case for me. I need a hat with at least 58-60 inches in width and have found that’s only in specific sizes (Large and XL … told ya I had a big head). The places that actually carry those sizes in  price I want to pay is minimal but I have a few places that are my favorites and thought I would share them with you. E N J O Y!!


The men’s section has a better variety and I find that men’s heads are smaller so all the Large sizes are still there when I decide to shop:)

hmgoepprod (1)

Dark Brown Felt Hat


hmgoepprod (2)

Premium Black Felt Hat


Amazon has a ton of fedoras for sale but not all vendors have the same quality (trust me … I have returned too many to count). Once you find a vendor that has great quality fedora’s, stay with them. Even if they’re not on Amazon prime, it’s worth the wait.


Yellow Wide Brim Fedora







61N6Nm6E3aL._AC_UL320_SR320,320_Rust Wide Brim Fedora








51QdwEJxT8L._AC_UL320_SR320,320_Blue Wide Brim Fedora








Urban Outfitters

I haven’t been able to find what I’m looking for in my local store so I’ve resulted in buying online (and on sale because these can get a little pricey)


Beige Wide Brim










Black Wide Brim


Lack of Color

This is the most expensive site where I purchase fedoras. The quality makes it worth it but I limit my purchases to 1-2 a year. I’ve been able to find a couple on sale which is amazing. If you sign up for their newsletter, you know when the sales happen.

Rose Rancher


Rose Rancher









Carlo Rancher

Carlo Rancher







Free People

They don’t have a big selection but the ones they do have are so chic and now thanks to Afterpay, I don’t have to spend all my coins at ones.


Walker Felt Hat – Bronze



Walker Felt Hat – Black










Macy’s is one of few (if only) department store that has a very large selection of fedora hats. My local location is trash but the website more than makes up for it. I love to use coupons as well as my rewards from my Macy’s card (yes, I have a retail store credit card … sue me) to get some awesome deals on some great hats.


STETSON Men’s Atkinson Hat









Men’s All-Season Water-Repellent Safari Hat








Straw Weston Fedora









Men’s Wide-Brim Hat








Hope you guys enjoy the list. Happy Shopping!!!

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