The BEST Apps to ELEVATE your Instagram Stories

I remember there was a time when IG didn’t have a ‘stories’ function and we were on Snapchat living out best 24 hour lives. Now that IG Stories are here, it’s been great in creating content that can tell much more of a story than a single picture on your Instagram feed.

For creators such as myself, Instagram Stories is a way to expose more of my brand and give me another way to monetize my platform. For others, it’s a way of creating content, enticing jealousy with awesome travel posts, or simply to offer another way of engaging with family and friends.

Regardless of why or how you’re using your Instagram stories, I’m always looking for new ways and apps to improve my stories and enhance the creative side of them. These are 6 of my fave apps that I use for customizing my Instagram Stories

1. Canva


Love the different templates and the ability to customize and save your own for use over and over again. The only downside is there isn’t an option for video

2. Mojo

Love this app for the transitional effects on pics and videos

3. Unfold


I use unfold on a daily basis. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I post a daily to do list and I use Unfold to create them. I love the way they look and received so many compliments, I recorded a video on how I create them. This app allows allows for several pieces of content (pics and video) to be on one frame

4. Inshot

Woke up one day and Instagram decided to get rid of my Music feature. I was confused (and still am now that I mysteriously have it once again) but decided it wasn’t the end of the world and that there are several other apps that have a music option that doesn’t mysteriously disappear while I’m counting sheep. This app has a ton of other features but I used this 99.9% for the music

5. Clipomatic

I never thought about having my voice transcribed on my IG stories until I came across Color Me Courtney and noticed she was doing it all the time. When asked why, she explained that some people simple don’t watch IG stories with the volume on (that would be me) or are deaf and can’t hear. I didn’t realize I needed this until I read that story. Now I try to do this every time I’m talking. I don’t have exact numbers, but I can tell an increase in viewers when I add Clipomatic to my stories

6.  Planoly


I use Planoly to lay out my IG feed to make sure it follows my aesthetic and looks cohesive. However, Planoly also has a schedule options that allows the app to automatically post on your behalf at a given time. I only use this app for automatic posting when I’m on vacation and there’s a major time difference. I have certain times I like to post and when I’m on vacation, it’s hard to keep up with the time at home vs where I currently am. So I set this up and never have to worry about remembering and I can actually enjoy my vacation.


Are you just as obsessed with IG Stories as I am? What are some of your go-to apps?

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