My Productive WFH Morning Routine

Hey Loves! Let’s have a mental check-in

How are you feeling at this moment?

What are 3 things you’re grateful for despite what’s going on?

Can you go outside while reading this post? To get a little fresh air and Vitamin D?

Our lives have been turned upside down and while I’m blessed to be able to work from home, I know millions can’t and for that I’m forever grateful.

I worked remotely 2-3 days a week before this pandemic but to be remote 5 days a week, it took me a little while getting into a rhythm that was easy but productive. Here are some things I do … feel free to take a few (or all) that you need.

Use my Fitbit or white noise to take me up

I don’t sleep in the same room as my cell phone. I found it took me forever to fall asleep and actually get outta bed because I was too busy scrolling social media or checking emails. Not having my phone in my room means that I didn’t have an alarm clock. I started using either my Fitbit to vibrate my arm and wake me up or this cute white noise alarm from Amazon.

Quick Yoga/Ab Routine

I’m not that person that gets in 3 miles and heavy lifting before coffee (and I applaud anyone that can before caffeine) but I do like to get a quick 10 min yoga routine and quick ab workout before starting my day.

Hygiene Hygiene Hygiene

Brush teeth, floss, mouthwash! I also give my face a gentle cleanse and will do a face mask every couple of days to keep my skin cleansed and moisturized.

Change into actual clothes

Okay not actual clothes, but I do make the effort to get out of my pj’s and into some comfy lougewear. Need to upgrade your lougewear? Check out my most recent post about where to find great pieces.

Turn on Lights/Open Windows

I like light, natural light, bulb light, anything to wake up my eyes. I have a great little nook in my dining room that I use has a home office. It has great lighting, plants, and arms reach of snacks!

Start coffee + Grab a quick breakfast

I normally fast but since being at home, it’s been a struggle. I’ve been grabbing a granola bar or yogurt to give my stomach a little something to last until lunch

Gratitude Journal

Nothing long and drawn out but a way to write away the worries of yesterday and list 3 things that I’m grateful for today. It helps bring things in perspective especially with all that we’re going thru

To-Do List

We get it, you’re at home so you think there’s not much you can do … WRONG! How many cups do you need? How long were you wanting to learn a second language? You wanna start a blog or Instagram channel? Have you researched it?

I’m not saying you have to be active 24/7 but creating a to do list ensures you’re not looking at the ceiling at 11pm wondering where the day went. Want to hold yourself accountable? Post it on your IG Story so your followers can hold you accountable.


this entire routine takes me less than an hour but is really important in making sure I stay productive throughout the day. What are some things in your routine that you’re doing or want to do in order to stay productive while you’re working from home?

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