45 Self Care Ideas to Practice while You’re Staying at Home

Hey there! Hi there!

Can you have a mental check in?

How are you feeling?

What’s one thing you’re grateful for right now?

Is the sun shining where you are? If so, go outside to read this post. A little Vitamin D makes a world of difference.

I’m officially in week 5 of ‘stay at home’ orders and am slowly trying to find or adjust to a new normal. I’ve been able to create a routine mixed with workouts, career work, influencer/blogger work, dinners with husband, Zoom calls with friends and in between all that, carving out 20-30 mins for a little self care sessions.

When people say self care, we immediately think about massages and facials and all other pampering sessions. Not to say that’s not self-care, but with everything closed down except for essential businesses, I’ve been thinking outside of the box to decide what makes me feel great about myself – that in essence, in self-care at it’s finest.

Here are some things I’ve either done or plan to do (especially considering this new normal could last much longer than anticipated). Feel free to take a few or all of them. Sharing is Caring!!

  1. Read a Good Book check out this post on my book list for 2020
  2. Declutter Sessionpick an area of your space and spend time to clean, declutter, and make that space inviting
  3. Grateful listI do this in Instagram every day, write down 3 things you’re grateful for (it puts things into perspective)
  4. Spend time in the sunmoderate sun exposure may have benefits for your health, including stronger bones, better sleep, improved mood, and a healthier immune system.
  5. Looking at the stars for 5 mins did this for the first time in years and it brought back something so nostalgic that I forgot about
  6. Meditate
  7. Mini Yoga SessionI’ve been trying this quick 10 min morning yoga 3-4 times a week.
  8. Zoom lunch date with friends
  9. Taking a 30 min nap
  10. Watching old Disney movies
  11. Netflix watch party with friends
  12. Cooking a great mealhere a link of some great recipe/dinner ideas
  13. Manicure
  14. Pedicure
  15. Soak in the tub with a great bath bomb
  16. Putting positing quotes on post it notes and putting them around the house 
  17. Organize your phone apps
  18. While you’re at it – organize the hundreds of photos and videos on your phone (or clean up your laptop)
  19. Podcast bingeneed some suggestions, here ya go
  20. Light a great candle
  21. Give yourself a mini facial
  22. Watch stand up comedy for great laughs
  23. Jot down your thoughtsif I’ve had a bad day, I use a ‘dump journal’ to write down all my frustrations and feelings. I never read what I write and trash it after it’s full. 
  24. Create a travel bucket listyou know, whenever we’re able to buy flights without crossing fingers and hoping they don’t get cancelled. 
  25. Create a Pinterest boards for your travel bucket lists – I like to pin sample itineraries, things to do, places to eat. It gets me ready for travel and I have an idea on what to expect when traveling. 
  26. Setup/Create a budget if this situation taught is anything, it’s that one can never be too financially prepared 
  27. Go for a walk
  28. Have a glass of wine
  29. Switch off social media for 24 hours 
  30. Same for the newsI turn on CNN for 10 mins a day in the morning and at night. anything more gives me major anxiety
  31. Dance to good music
  32. Do 1 thing you’ve been putting offpainting my front door as soon as I finish this post
  33. Make your bedmake a habit of doing this daily
  34. Give a nice comment on Instagrambe a reason someone smiles today
  35. Draw/DoodleI haven’t gotten into adult coloring books but trying to get back into random abstract drawing I use to do 
  36. Pray 
  37. Mini online shopping spreerefer to #26 to make sure you have the funds to do this
  38. Make yourself a homemade latte or chai tea not to pat myself on the back but my homemade vanilla latte in Starbucks worthy
  39. Bake something sweetI made Joanna Gaines’s chocolate chip cookies last week … major SUCCESS. Trying my hands at Banana Nut Bread/Muffins this week
  40. Give yourself some TLC
  41. Put your pj’s in the dryer for 10 mins before putting onWARNING don’t try this unless you’re willing to commit to it every single day … it’s addictive
  42. Color code your closet
  43. Try your hands at a puzzle
  44. Support a local restaurant – me and husband have lunch and dinner one day a week and like to buy from local restaurants to help support
  45. Watch the sunset – not a great as watching it from the beach but something about the color of the sky turning does something special for my mental


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