I Tried Fenty Skin for 14 Days … Here are my thoughts

There’s not anything that Rihanna does that I’m not obsessed over. I’ve been following her career for years … long before the all black ‘Umbrella song’ … I was ‘California King Bed’ Rihanna. It’s been fascinating watching her grow and succeed in her career and when she decided to venture out to other things, it hit home for me.

For so long, I was only a natural hair influencer/blogger. That’s all I focused on because that’s what made me known in the influencer industry. It wasn’t until I saw her venture beyond music that I decided to do the same – 2 years later, I’m creating content in all the verticals that bring me life and give me joy.

I’ve bought almost everything she’s created ( not quite the coins for her FENTY collection under LVM but I’m getting there) and when I got the notification about her creating a skincare collection for all people, I knew I had to jump on it to give it a try. As a skincare junkie, I wanted to see if these products lived up to the Fenty hype. Here are a few thoughts — oh and for those of you that follow me on YouTube, I will be doing a 21 day review. Don’t forget to check it out.


This cleanser touts an all in one – no makeup wipes, oil cleansing, nothing. Lather on your face and watch the makeup of today wash away. I find that the cleanser does live up to the hype – except around the eyes. I don’t have sensitive skin but the area around my eyes are very sensitive and detest anything with fragrance. Because of that, I still have to use a ‘sensitive’ makeup remover around my eyes.

One of the major pros with this cleanser is the creamy texture. I’ve tried dozens (and I mean dozens) of cleansers and they all have a drying effect. This is mainly due to it trying to remove dirt, oil, and makeup but someone this cleanser is able to accomplish all those things while also reducing pores and keeping my skin moisturized


I hate 2 in 1!!! Especially a toner (designed to cleanse the skin and shrink the appearance of pores) and a serum (designed to help with certain skin problems) mix — something about that just doesn’t seem right to me. However, this toner claims to help with dark spots, brightens & smooths skin, as well as fight shine – all from a 7.5 fluid ounces bottle. After 2 weeks of only using these products, I can tell an overall brightening of my skin but the one thing this product doesn’t address are the bags/discoloration under my eyes. I use a Vitamin C cream to help brighten my under eyes and they can tell it hasn’t had that cream in 2 weeks.


This is my favorite product – hands down – no debate – love this stuff! This is very light but very much moisturizing all while packing in some SPF 30. It has a slight fragrance but not too overpowering for my skin.

Final Thoughts:

For those that are just starting out and need to create a skin care routine – this is a great start. It’s easy and simple to use but also packs so many skin concerns one would need without having to buy extra serums and toners. I also love that this is clean skincare – vegan and cruelty free. I will continue to use these products but also add a few additional things from my skin care closet.

have you tried Rihanna new passion project? What are your thoughts?

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  1. I can’t wait to try this out but it’s sold out. I have sensitive skin so I’m interested to see how it does on my skin. Looking forward to your Youtube video. Thanks for sharing.

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