10 Easy Protective Styles Perfect For the Fall

Fall is here!! I don’t know about you but I’m excited for all things fall related – sweaters, hot chocolate, football, smores roasting over a firepit. Fall and Winter may be my 2 favorite seasons and it’s not just because I’m a December baby (December 2nd to be exact!!)

With the fall/winter seasons, I love to try new protective styles. I normally steer away from styles that involves hair during the spring/summer months with all the heat and humidity but once the fall arrives, I enjoy trying new styles. As a self taught hair stylist, I have a habit of not keeping styles in for more than 4 weeks and this is the perfect time for me to try all the new styles I’ve been pinning or saving to Instagram. Here’s a few:


I’ve tried the long locs but interested in doing the short/bob loc style.



The way my hair is setup, I don’t see these lasting more than 2 weeks. These would make a great quick and easy protective style


You guys know I live for a great crochet install. I have a dedicated playlist on Youtube just for this protective style. I’m excited to try new hair and style types this fall.


There’s just something so chic and regal about a braid crown. Definitely want to try this on both my natural hair and after a silk press.


Tried these before and couldn’t get the twist correct. After binge watching some YouTube videos, I think I’m ready to try again.


Another one of these easy styles that could last for about a week.

Protective styles are essential in growing your natural tresses. Whether for a week or a month, it’s important to give your hair a break from daily manipulation and give it time to breath and recover. Which hairstyles are you looking forward to trying?

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