The BEST Restaurants and Beach Clubs in Tulum, Mexico

Me and husband just go back from 5 luxurious nights in Tulum Mexico. This was our second time vacationing Tulum in less than a year so that officially unofficially makes me a Tulum MX connoisseur (or at least I like to think so)

Our first trip to Tulum we went on a lot of excursions and activities and less on dining. However, this time around, we went with the sole intention of Rest & Relaxation. Our schedule for everyday involved:

Breakfast/Brunch – Find a nice beach club – layout/lunch – back to hotel to change – dinner – walk the beach

I got several requests and DM’s about all the places we went and wanted to jot this down so you guys can reference on your next vacation.



We went here for a late breakfast and the pancakes were AMAZING! Husband ordered a lobster omelet that came in an actual lobster (mind blown!!)

Meze Restaurant

Meze is one of several restaurants owned by the Gitano group. I didn’t realize just how many restaurants fell under this umbrella until I started this blog. It does, however, explain the quality of service and food we received at each of their restaurants.

Reservations Recommended. Meze majestic open air restaurants that does an excellent job with everything from their starters (I tried baba ganoush for the first time and was instantly hooked) and they cooked a whole fried fish that was everything I didn’t know I needed.

Ziggy Restaurant

I normally try to avoid beef when on vacay because of the way it sits on my stomach but I was craving a burger and Ziggy’s was a great solution. They also have a beach club I heard was really good and have very IG vibes but the restaurants was also chic.

Parole Restaurant

Nice Italian restaurant with a grown and sexy atmosphere. Their shisha (aka hookah) was also excellent. Reservations Recommended

Funky Geisha

This is a new Asian inspired restaurants that opened a few months ago (September 2020). It’s open air dining and unique table setup makes for a very unique dining experience. The portion sizes were a little smaller (perfect for me, not so much for husband that was still a little hungry and actually said yes to dessert). Reservations Recommended

La Zebra Restaurant

We stumbled on this place after walking to a different place for breakfast and them being closed. Another one of those restaurant/beach clubs. It was on the quieter side of the beach but they had some of the BEST pancakes I think I ever tasted in my 32 years of living.

Rosa Negra Restaurant

Latin American restaurant dishing out great seasoned dishes. The Caesar salad was delicious and the lobster bisque!!! I don’t normally gravitate to soups in 80 degree weather but it was so worth it. Reservations Recommended


Mia Beach Club

Minimum: $40/person

Vibe: Chill during the week / Day party vibes on the Weekend

Overall: Go for the drinks and pizza (they have a pizza garden) leave the food

Villas Las Estrellas

Minimum: 2000 Pesos (about $100 USD)

Vibe: Chill with EXCELLENT Customer Service

Food/Drinks: Both were great but the Pina Coladas were OUTTA THIS WORLD AMAZING

Overall: We found ourselves spending more time here than any other beach club because of the great customer service and they way they were handling the Covid 19 pandemic.

Ana Y Jose Beach Club

Minimum: 2000 Pesos

Vibe: because they are beside Taboo, it gives party vibes especially on the weekends.

Food/Drinks: both were amazing but according to husband, the drinks “weren’t as stiff as the other beach clubs we’ve been to’. As someone that enjoys fruity drinks, I didn’t mind the fact that I couldn’t taste the alcohol.

Overall: The customer service was great, they gave beach towels (even though we had to give them our ID so we wouldn’t run off with them) and despite hubby’s constructive criticism, the strawberry mojitos were satisfying.


Minimum: $50/person

Vibe: VERY Instagram worthy (I don’t have still pictures but the vlog coming Sunday will have all the videos of the place). The pool, beach club, bar area, everything was PERFECT. If we travel to Tulum again, we will definitely be staying at this hotel.

Food/Drinks: GREAT, GREAT, AND GREAT (In case you haven’t realized, this was our FAVORITE beach club we went to.


5 BLISSFUL Days in Tulum Mexico and both my heart and stomach are still full. Hope this guide helps you plan your next vacation.

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