12 Great things to do While still Social Distancing

I know what you may have been thinking last year… I can’t wait until next year with this is all over. Fast forward 6 months and it’s a New Year and we are still knee deep in a pandemic.

While I’m with you guys and ready to return to some sense of normalcy, I know that it’s far from over and I have to do my part in making sure that not only me but my family is safe and healthy and protected.

One of the things I’ve been able to do is try and create new and different ways to spend time with myself and my immediate family. Working from home and school from and date night from home and everything else from home can cause a little stress on the family dynamic. Fret not, I’ve got some great things to do to enjoy your family while still Social Distancing.

At Home Movie Theater

Go all out. Turn off lights. Grab snacks. Even grab a blanket for warmth. Want an even better experience? Grab this easy to use projector that’s a hit in our household

Go for a Hike

Never visiting any mountains in Birmingham before the COVID 19 outbreak. Since March, I’ve visiting almost every mountain within Jefferson county. I bought myself these GREAT hiking boots and learn to enjoy being outside in nature again. I loved it as a child so to be able to relive a past time is something I don’t think I would have ever done before

Read a Book Series

One thing that got me back into reading were Steve Cavanagh books. His level of detail in his writing has be envisioning even the smell of the pizza he orders. though you can read his books separate, I would DEFINTELY reading them in order.

Backyard Camp Out

I don’t think I would EVER sleep in a park or woods overnight but setting up chic tents in my backyard for a night ….sign me up!

Plant a Garden

This was something husband did during this time that we really prided himself on. I think he shed a small (miniscule) tear when we had freezing temps that eventually killed his garden. Don’t feel bad for him, he’s already plotting (literally) his spring comeback

Puzzles Puzzles + More Puzzles

I don’t have ANY patience to put together 500 pieces of cardboard to create a masterpiece. However, I hear some people find it therapeutic, hence it being on the list. If I did have the patience, this one and this one would be my first ones to do.

Flex your Skills in the Kitchen

I wasn’t that person that was obsessed with making sourdough bread (I detest sourdough) but I did slowly find a love for baking. So much so that my MIL bought me my own KitchenAid mixer and let’s just say, my baking game has been on another level. I’m waiting for publishers wanted to take on my Cookbook ideas.

Date Night featuring Local Restaurants

To say small businesses have taken a hit during this pandemic has been an understatement. As a fellow small business owners I’m truly grateful for every dollar that comes to my jewelry company. Me and my husband were some of the few people whose finances weren’t affected by the pandemic (praise to the Most High) so we made it a point to order from local restaurants 2-3 times a week. Who are we kidding, it was more like 4-5 times a week when you take into account that blank stare when bae asks what’s for lunch? It’s a perfect time to take the stress of me, sharpen my other keen baking skills, and help support our local community

Headspace & Chill

And by that I mean clean that soaker tub that is currently holding your clean (or dirty) laundry, break out that bubble bath you got from Bath and Body Works and never used, light a candle (or 7) and relax to the sound of Headspace meditation. Or if you’re like me, to the mess that is Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Virtual Wine Tasting

Needing a little girls time or want to catch up with a friend? Head to Trader Joe’s (or you local chic grocery store), buy the same wines, cheeses and chocolates (or be that extra bougie friend and send your friend a gift package, sans the cheese of course) and spend the next hour or so catching up via Facetime or Zoom while sipping on a great wine selection.

Create a Photo Album

Yeah those thousands of photos on your phone that you’re scared to delete. PRINT THEM SIS!! If you’re not keen on a photo album, grab this cute OCD friendly photo store from Amazon HERE. I have 2 and am lowkey needing another one for the rest of my photos. Judge not lest ye be judged!!

Create More Memories

While were on the subject of printing your moments in time…don’t forget to create new ones. I know in a time like this, it can be hard to see the roses or even the damn wildflowers but creating even small pictures or video journaling instead of writing it down is something that you can look back 5 or 7 years from now and say, yeah, I made it thru all that and I’m still standing.

Pick 1 to commit to doing in January and then save this post and come back each month to pick something new.

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