Small Changes I’m making for a Healthier & Happier New Year

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2020 threw a LOT at us!! I’m a firm believer in being optimist so instead of listing everything 2020 took away from me, let me list a few things 2020 gave me

More time with my family

Exploring all the hiking mountains in Alabama

Discovering a new love for baking

The power of a hand written letter

Jot down a few positive things that 2020 gave you.

I knew coming into 2021 that I wasn’t going to let 2020 prevent me from starting the New Year on a positive note. I’m not in the habit of creating resolutions but rather trying to create new habits. A few things I could do daily or weekly that over the year could add up to come big changes physically, mentally, or emotionally.

As I was writing out my list of habits/hobbies I wanted to create, I knew I needed a few things to get me started. After having my Walmart+ membership for several months now, I knew Walmart was the one-stop-shop. The Walmart+ Membership has been a lifesaver these past several months. From free grocery delivery from our local store on orders $35+ (restrictions apply) to being CLUTCH with their shipping and coming thru with all the gifts I needed to get (at the last minute I might add) for the holidays.

One of my FAVE new benefits of the Walmart + membership is their Walmart+ free shipping, no order minimum (excludes oversized/freight & Marketplace items). I was able to get all the things I needed to create new habits. Here are some small changes/habits I’m trying to create.

Get my Body Moving Daily

I learned to never put a specific goal on the amount of weight I want to lose. My goal this year was strictly to get my body moving for at least 30 mins a day. This kettlebell, Fitbit versa 2, and chic workout wear is all the motivation I needed. If all else fails, I’ll get on my handy indoor cycle while watching episodes of Chicago PD.

Create a Simple Streamlined Morning Routine

I tried to have this extravagant morning routine last year. But after 3 weeks it was as useless as the G in lasagna. So this year, I’m keeping it simple – light a favorite candle, spend 5 mins with my gratitude journal, and keeping my skincare routine easy. I actually started this a few days before the New Year and so far so good.

Getting/Staying Organized

As a full-time Finance professional and part-time content creator, it’s important that I stay on track of meetings for both career fields as well as a host of other content deadlines. My first purchase were there 2 cute planners. One for my 9-5 and the other for my social career. And because I like cute desk stationary, I picked up this desk calendar and file organizer.

Spending a little More time with Me and Only Me

Self-care. How many times have we heard that word? Well, you’re hearing it one for time. Raise your hand if you have that beautiful soaker tub in your bathroom and your laundry spends more time in it than you do? Don’t feel bad, that was me as well. However, I’ve made a commitment to take 45 mins a week to indulge in some form of self care. It could be relaxing with a great face mask, relaxing in a hot bubble bath, or sipping a nice glass of wine in these chic wine glasses. I give others 10,0035 minutes a week, I can hold on to 45 minutes for myself.

Developing Better Eating Habits

I have my days where I’m on top of my eating but realize that diets and fads just don’t work for me. After reading this book about food and the effect it has on your body, I’m making a commitment to literally think about everything I put in my body and asking myself, is it giving me energy or draining my energy. I’ve decided to increase my water intake thanks to this great water bottle, and invested in some healthy cookbooks both here and here.

I realize this type of change doesn’t happen overnight. I have to give myself some grace and for that, I’ve decided to grab these great affirmation cards. What are some changes you want to create in 2021? Write them down and head over to Walmart+ to start your new membership and get all the things you need to start the New Year off right.

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