Hi! I’m Alicia B Gettys. A Birmingham, AL based influencer who decided it was okay to have both. That I could have a career in Finance and also feed my creative passions of creating and telling stories thru pictures, videos, and blog posts.

I live a a cute mid century modern ranch house with my husband and 35+ plants who have seen me dance
around in my pjs with coffee in my hand and a mask on both my face and in my hair … and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Authenticity – Creativity – Transparency.

I think those are the 3 words that describes my social channels. I don’t create content to fit in with the latest trends but rather use my creativity to create content that not only inspires my audience but gives me the inspiration I need. I think in a world full of ‘viral pictures’ and ‘social media challenges’ that I remain truthful and authentic to myself – and that’s something I would never feel guilt or regretful about